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This is the Event Planning Process You Need To Succeed




This is the Event Planning Process You Need To Succeed



Are you efficiently planning for your events this season? Planning large events has several layers and tasks prior to the actual event. We spoke with our Senior Director of Communications, Events & Training at 9Dot, Gabby Caparaco-Robertson, to talk about her event planning process with her team.


Here are two key tips to make sure your event is successful:


1. Check your Budget. The first step is to take a good look at your budget! Break down everything into tangible items and how much everything is going to cost. Start reaching out to vendors for quotes and get your estimates in order to see what best fits your budget and vision.

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2. Have clear communication from the start. 

“The biggest part of planning a successful event is communication.”, Gabby stated. Step up your communication with the folks who are presenting, planning, and showing up. This means making sure everyone knows what to expect when they show up. This includes where to park, what meals are covered, what hours are free, etc. 

“From there, it’s important to build relationships with people involved when you’re at the event,” Gabby added.



3. Plan ahead and create a committee.

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At 9Dot, we recommend planning at least a few months in advance. 

“Get all the stakeholders together and ask for their expectations and vision for the event,” Gabby advised. “Then, put together a team to delegate specific tasks leading up to the event (and follow up)”.  

When planning ahead, you want to give your vendors and team ample time to get their items together, especially for those who are not in-house. Also, have a plan to get those items to the venue on time.





Post-Event: It’s not over yet!


“One important thing about a successful event is to be able to capture the event”, Gabby noted. This includes the photographer or videographer who is involved. 

“It’s helpful for the follow up after the event, so that they can bring it back to their teams”. It provides a nice reminder and allows guests to reflect about the event’s impact. 


Photo Source: 9Dot All-Network Leadership Conference held in Laguna Beach, California having some fun doing team-building activities.










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